Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader Pro

Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader Pro

ADM Pro is a download manager and torrent downloader that allows you to take control of your downloads. ADM Pro offers features such as ADM Accelerator, ADM Scheduler, ADM Hider, ADM Safe Downloading Mode, and many more. We offer free trials of file manager apk so that you can try out our software before purchase!

Advanced Download Manager Pro is compatible with all of the android versions. ADM Pro is a video downloader, torrent downloader, and completely free app download. It offers a clean and simple interface that allows you. To quickly search, download, view torrents, schedule downloads, organize your files in different folders through this android manager. Such as the ADM Downloads folder or other custom-created folders for easy access. This software will make downloading quick and effortless!

Powerful Downloader for Android

The Android operating system lets you download files from the internet in a way that is faster than ever. It allows for downloading multiple files at once and download downloading app from for free. The multithreading feature of this software will make sure your device downloads. Quickly without hesitation or lagging on one part of its process.

This technique also helps to avoid any issues with links being cut off when copied onto another program’s clipboard; plus if there are images involved (like pictures), then they won’t be blocked either because loader can automatically resume where it left off after failure—saving both time and data usage too so download adm free. There’s even space allotted towards SD card should users want their content stored locally instead.

Torrent downloader

  • Adding torrents and magnets through the editor, clipboards browser or file explorer is easy.
  • The user can select and organize the files they want, search for specific names or types of information in order to find what you are looking for. This app also allows sorting by filename extension as well!
  • From the Right Menu you can filter torrents and seeding to make it easier for your preferred type of content.
  • The settings menu has a new section called Torrent. There are all different kinds of options in this area for torrenting and downloading!

Clean Interface

Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader Pro ADM has a clean interface with filters by type and status. ADM for Android is an advanced application that allows downloading files from the Internet to your mobile device. It supports all popular protocols: BitTorrent, FTP, RTSP, and other PTP services (such as WebDAV). ADM also comes packed with a built-in apk downloader and video player so you can watch videos without worrying about codecs or external players! And it’s completely free – no ads either! ADM features include:

  • Clean interface
  • Supports multiple tabs simultaneously
  • Protocol encryption support
  • Built in Video Player

Download ADM Pro (12.0 MB)

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