Electrical Calculations PRO

Electrical Calculations PRO

This Electrical Calculations PRO is the Best Electrical app for Electrical calculations used in the work of an Electrician. Electrical Calculations PRO helps you solve many common problems for which you will need electrical calculation or formulas, such as cable sizing, voltage drop, etc.

Electrical Calculations PRO is a Phone & Tablet optimized app. It is a professional Electrical app that has many Electrical Calculators and Electrical formulas for Electrical calculations. You can use it as an Electrical calculator, Electrical reference or Electrical calculation guide, etc.

Electrical Calculations PRO includes many calculators: Electrical calculator, Voltage drop calculator, Conduit Fill calculator, AWG Wire Size Calculator, Parallel Resistance Calculator, Electrical Calculations, Electrical Conversion, Voltage Divider, Electrical Wire Size Calculator, etc.

Electrical Calculations PRO Features:

  • Calculation of wire cross-section
  • Calculation of voltage drop
  • Calculation of amperage
  • Voltage calculation
  • Active power
  • calculation • Apparent power
  • calculation • Reactive power
  • calculation
  • Power factor calculation
  • Resistance calculation • Maximum wire length
  • Current carrying capacity of insulated conductors
  • Current carrying capacity bare conductors
  • Busbar capacity
  • Filling of cable ducts
  • Selection of circuit breaker
  • Allowable energy throughput of cable (K? S?)
  • Operating current
  • Reactance
  • Impedance
  • Reactive power compensation • Reactive power

compensation of MV / LV transformer

  • Reactive power of capacitors at different voltages
  • Grounding system
  • Short-circuit current
  • Min. short circuit current (approximate method)
  • Short circuit current of substation transformer
  • Conductor resistance
  • Calculation of cable temperature
  • Power loss in cables
  • Color code of a resistor
  • Color code of inductance
  • Color value of resistors
  • SMD resistor codes
  • Capacitor coding
  • Inductance codes
  • Fuses
  • Resistor connection
  • Capacitor connection
  • Resonant frequency
  • Voltage divider
  • Current splitting
  • Zener diode (Zener diode) as a voltage regulator
  • Damping resistor
  • Resistor for LED
  • Battery run time
  • Primary / Secondary transformer
  • Antenna length
  • Disk space and bandwidth calculator for CCTV systems
  • Temperature sensors (PT / NI / CU, NTC, thermocouples …)
  • Analog signal values
  • Joule effect
  • Circuit fault


  • Motor current • Motor power
  • Motor voltage
  • Motor power factor (COP)
  • Motor efficiency
  • Three-phase to single-phase motor
  • Capacitor start of a single-phase motor
  • Motor speed
  • Motor slip
  • Maximum torque
  • Motor full load current
  • Three-phase motor circuit (6 leads from the winding)
  • Three-phase motor circuit (9 leads from the winding)
  • Three-phase motor circuit (12 leads from the winding )
  • Motor insulation class
  • Conversion? -Y
  • Power conversion
  • American wire gauge AWG / mm?
  • SWG conversion table
  • Section conversion
  • Length conversion
  • Voltage conversion (Amplitude)
  • Sin / cos / tan /?
  • Energy conversion
  • Temperature conversion
  • Pressure conversion
  • Ah / kWh
  • conversion • Var / μF
  • conversion • Gauss / Tesla
  • conversion • RPM conversion (rpm) – rad / s – m / s
  • Torque
  • conversion • Conversion bits and bytes
  • Conversion of angle measures
  • Utilization categories of fuses
  • UL / CSA fuse class
  • Standard values ​​of resistors
  • Current-time characteristics
  • Table of the reactance of cables
  • Table of resistivity and conductivity
  • Table of standard voltage drops
  • Sizes and weights of cables
  • Degree of protection IP
  • Atex markings
  • Device classes
  • CCTV approvals
  • Color codes and thermocouple data
  • ANSI standard codes
  • Electrical symbols
  • Worldwide electricity
  • Plug and socket types
  • IEC 60320 connectors
  • C-shaped sockets (IEC 60309)
  • Nema connectors
  • Wire color coding
  • SI prefixes
  • Measurement units
  • Pipe dimensions
  • Ethernet cables (RJ-45)
  • Ethernet with PoE support
  • RJ-9,11,14,25,48
  • Pinout
  • Fiber optic cable color coding
  • Formulas

Changes Electrical Calculations PRO

  • Add: Lifetime purchase
  • New: Frequency / Angular velocity conversion
  • New: Imperial / metric conductor size comparison
  • New: EV charging plugs
  • Add: Possibility to choose the maximum available wire size directly from the calculation
  • Add: Possibility to set the increase of the load to avoid the deterioration of the insulation
  • Add: Sum capacitors now accepts the value expressed in Farad
  • Upd: German, Russian, Portuguese [BR], Arabic languages
  • Fix: Minor bug fix

Electrical Calculations PRO contains Electrical formulas or Electrical calculations used in electrical work: Electrical formulas list, Electrical calculations list, Electrical reference list.

Electrical Calculations PRO is an Electrical app for Electricians and Electrical Contractors. Suppose you are looking for an Electrical app with Electrical calculation and Electrical formulas, Electrical calculators, and Electrical references for Electrical engineers or Electrical contractors. In that case, Electrical Calculations PRO is the best choice.

Electrical Calculations PRO contains many Electrical tools: Conduit Fill Calculator, Voltage Drop Calculator, Parallel Resistance Calculator, AWG Wire Size Calculator. This Electrical tool is an app that helps to improve.

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