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Music Player – Lark Player Pro

The Lark Player is android’s best music player that has been designed to be used for playing audio files in the background. It can be embedded on any website and allows users to stream music from many different sources such as YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify. The Lark Player also provides an interface that includes social media integration and a widget system for embedding video from popular sites such as Vimeo. The player also allows users to take advantage of unique audio technologies such as Spotify or YouTube.

Customize your Music Experience

When you’re looking to make your favorite songs even more enjoyable then the lark player is the best music player for you. We’ve got the perfect mode for that! With our preset modes and powerful equalizers, it’s easy pickings in terms of how – or what- type song sounds best. There are dedicated Normal Mode designed just for those who want music with no surprises; Classical soothes minds without blowing minds too softly (perfect if trying not to wake up mom); Dance tunes will have everyone on their feet immediately–flats sound great when driving around town while Heavy Metal gets one pumped before heading into work.

Canopus offers a range of audio formats to suit the needs of different types of media. They support MP3, MIDI, and WAV files among others; these include FLAC – which is lossless compression format- as well AC3 (MP4) AAC, and many more!

Manage everything in one place

You can quickly and easily fetch audio or video files saved on your phone, SD card. It also allows you to play YouTube music videos for free! With this app’s diverse features like browsing songs by artist name; managing playlist creation it helps make the perfect balance between ease of use while still having all possible options available at one time so get lark music mp3 player download for free.
The best part about Music Player Pro? You don’t need an internet connection in order to watch any song from either offline sources such as cached MP3s uploaded directly into its library – which means no more waiting around during those long plane journeys.

Music lyrics

This is an app that will help you follow the lyrics to your favorite songs, even if they’re offline.
You can type in any word or phrase and it’ll find all of its corresponding lines from different artists-inserting them into whatever song format suits you best! For example: “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” generates 26 hits including Aretha Franklin’s version of Sparkle; Elton John has 25 examples under That Girl but also includes two additional verses which are not present on any one record

Floating video and Music player

You can easily multi-task by adjusting the size and position of Lark Player’s floating window. In this way, you could do other things while listening to any song or watching a video without losing your place!

More Features

  • Powerful equalizers
  • Floating music player
  • Set as ringtone
  • Day/night mode
  • Sleep timer
  • Share music
  • Daily playlist
  •  Personal radio station
  • Discover music


Lark Player is a third-party app. All kinds of YouTube music content are provided by the popular video streaming service, so Lark player does not offer direct control over any kind on it displayed in your feed or search results!

Download Lark Player(16.5 MB)

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