Musixmatch Pro - Lyrics for your music

Musixmatch Pro – Lyrics for your music

MusixMatch is an app for lyrics used by millions of people all around the world to get instant synchronized song translations on Youtube, Spotify, and more. Now you can also use it when traveling abroad for offline access too!


The Musixmatch Lock Screen is the perfect tool for all of you music lovers out there. Now, when it’s time to belt out your favorite tune in an Uber or while doing housework this app will let you do so without having to search through some oldies but goodies! With just one tap on that identifying lyrics button located right next door from where notifications are delivered by default; not only can listeners engage with their favorite tracks more easily than ever before–they’ll also have access song information instantly available at hand too like album covers and who performed which parts during certain songs.


Musixmatch ”an app for lyrics of songs” is the future of music. Dedicated to making lyrics and it is also the best app for making lyrical videos with the availability of every song, MusixMatch has Chromecast support so you can enjoy them on your TV with friends!


  • With Premium features, you can have access to offline lyrics that will save your data connection.
  • No ads
  • Save Data On Your iPhone Or iPad With The Lyrics App


The time of having to search for that perfect line has come to an end! Lyrics are everywhere nowadays. creating songs with the help of Musixmatch is also easy, you can get them without even changing your song.
Now, all it takes is one tap on floating lyrics from within Spotify or Youtube player while listening in order select what song I want matching words displayed right there alongside my audio track so now no more scrolling through pages looking at random poetry just find a decent verse then hope it’s not too long before someone else does.


  • You can enjoy song lyrics with the music you love on Spotify, Youtube, Pandora Apple Music SoundCloud etc.
  • Tap on the floating lyrics tap to get your favorite song’s meaning in real time.
  • Song lyrics are the perfect way to help students learn new languages. Lately, many apps have started translating song lyrics as you listen so that it’s easier for them catch on and remember what they’re saying!
  • Now you can get the lyrics to any song that’s playing around with just one tap!
  • Now you can find a song by just typing in the lyrics. It’s never been easier to get your favorite tune stuck in head.


  • The smart seek function of this app makes it easy to find your favorite lyrics. Tap on the progress bar, then tap again when you’re looking for what song they are from!
  • With the LyricsCard feature, you can share your favourite song lyrics on amazing backgrounds.
  • Watch Youtube videos in full screen, on landscape mode to enjoy the floating lyrics fully integrated with your favorite music video.
  • Watch Youtube videos in full screen, on landscape mode to enjoy the floating lyrics fully integrated with your favorite music video.
  • From your lock screen, you can now play and pause songs with one tap! It’s like having an in-hand remote.
  • You can now get notified instantly when new lyrics from your favourite artists are available! Just log in and find all of those songs you love on one page. With this, I’m able to quickly access them with just a few clicks or taps.”
  • Spotify is a great tool for finding new music that you’ll love. You can preview songs or watch their Youtube videos, then collect your identified tracks in an Spotify playlist!
  • Join our Community so you can submit all your favorite lyrics, put them in time with music and even have fun translating them. Fetch song info and cover art for the tracks that inspire or move us most everywhere we go!


We only ask for the permissions we need to make your app and experience exceptional. We know that some people might be uncomfortable with access permission requests, but trust us: they’re necessary in order for your music listening experience on our app–whether personal or professional —to work as smoothly and seamlessly as possible!

Download MusixMatch Pro ( 39.1MB)

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