Snaptube is a popular app used by millions of users all over the world. It allows you to watch or save videos in different formats and saves tons of time! In this guide, I’ll go through how to use it like a pro for any Android device.

Millions of users all over the world use Snaptube. It allows you to watch or save videos in different formats and saves tons of time! In this guide, I’ll go through how to use it like a pro for any Android device.

This app comes with many features that work very well and do what they’re supposed to:

– Snaptube provides video download and conversion capabilities free of charge (for Snaptube Pro subscribers only)

– Downloading options – MP4, 3GP, WEBM – can be chosen according to user preference. The quality of the conversion process is not adjustable, however (1080p or 720p maximum resolution)

– Requires an Internet connection at the time of installation (download Snaptube on Wi-Fi for best results)

– Snaptube allows the user to create playlists and group video downloads in a customized manner

– It can be minimized while downloading, allowing users to multitask on their device simultaneously. Snaptube will continue playing your video of choice in its minimized interface: you can chop and change videos at your own pace!

– Snaptubed videos work great on Chromecast without issue. Snaptube does not yet support Apple TV.

The app’s design is very simple and easy. It features a scrolling home page where new updates are automatically highlighted. Wich makes it easier than ever to stay up to date with everything.

New Features

Snaptube includes:

  • In a single place, you can now find and download videos from several video sharing sites. Snaptube has integrated major social media websites so they are all available in one spot.
  • Users can also add any other platform of their choice to the existing list.
  • You can search for any media by inputting keywords or you can directly load a URL to download its source content.
  • Snaptube lets you download videos and music in different formats. For example, it allows you to load a video as an MP3 file!
  • The streaming service also provides advanced features like picture-in-picture mode, dark mode, and custom playlists.


If you are an Android user who likes to download videos and songs from different sources, then Snaptube is a must-have app. The video/music downloader has been used by millions of users worldwide – but there were times when they weren’t able to use it properly. Here’s how I can help make the most out of this entertainment app in no time!

Every song, sound and video on Snaptube is easy to find. Once downloaded you can look for it in the My Library section of your phone or through a folder titled ‘Library’ within that specific app!
A quick search will show you exactly where these files are stored so all we need now are some headphones ready for downloading music at maximum efficiency

With the Snaptube video and music downloader, you can find all your favourite media files with ease. All you need to do is open up the app and start downloading!

More About Snaptube

Snaptube’s design is modern and clean, allowing for a pleasant video experience.

Snaptube also incorporates all the necessary controls to play videos without any problems: volume control buttons are visible on Snaptube’s interface as well as an easily accessible pause button. Its playback controls are from anywhere within the app – you just need to tap once and go!

As Snaptube does not allow for video downloads onto SD cards (only internal memory), we recommend that users purchase a big enough external storage unit to avoid running into issues with its lack of functionality. If Snaptube doesn’t automatically detect your external storage unit, make sure you enable it manually via Snaptube’s settings.

Download Snaptube (22.4 MB):
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