Photo Collage & Grid, Pic Collage Maker-Quick Grid

Photo Grid & Collage, Pic Collage Maker-Quick Grid

Photo Grid is the best photo collage & grid, pic collage maker for you to create amazing layouts with frames. Quickly thrown together with your own cool-looking layout in just minutes! Pro design app that allows artists like me “to make beautiful masterpieces from their favorite photos.”

Main Features

  • You can easily create captivating and interesting pictures by using the photo grid or photo collage. For example, you could combine multiple photos with classical photo collage, grids or funny layouts into one beautiful picture.
  • Pinning photos to a customized board is fun and easy with the scrapbook app. You can add text, stickers or even animposed background photo in collage maker!
  • Looking for a fresh new take on designing your own magazine cover? Check out these cool template posters that are sure to make you the most popular person in town!

Other Features

  • Photo grid got hundreds of layouts, frames and picture grids.
  • You can even create your photo collage or photo grid online.
  • The power to create a photo collage is at your fingertips with this photo editor! You can add all of the photos you want even it is a photo of google, with or without captions.
  • The blur foto grid gives every picture an individual style that will make them stand out from others in this free app for iphone and ipad (IOS).
  • The user interface is easy to use and understand.
  • The colors of the border can be changed with a simple click. Which makes it perfect for those who like changing things up every day!
  • There are so many backgrounds in photo grid to choose from and each one is adorable!
  • Give your images an extra boost with our amazing filters and effects.
  • Add text with lots of fun fonts in this pic collage maker and you’ll have a personalized scrapbook page that’s perfect for your child!
  • You can freely rotate, zoom in and out of your photos to create the perfect layout.
  • Add some sexy shadow to your collage and layouts.
  • Make your own border for the photo using a black marker pen.

Join the millions of people worldwide who have already joined this fun, easy-to-use app and start creating your own stunning photo grids or collages in no time!

Download Photo Grid & Collage, Pic Collage Maker-Quick Grid Pro (34.3 MB)

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