Veffecto Video Effects Editor

Veffecto Video Effects Editor

With Veffecto’s innovative neon stickers and glowing lines effect. This Animation Effect Creator allows you to add scribble animation into your video in just a few simple taps. It can handle videos like cut, trimming them up for easy editing with amazing effects. They will make anyone want to watch it again!
Veffecto has many other features such as a merge tool so users don’t have to limit themselves when creating Blu-rays from Youtube or Instagram clips. Speed adjustment which helps adjust playback rate accordingYouTube specifications – there really nothing better than saving time while making something special happen at exactly the right moment…or not-which ever suits one’s needs best!.

Veffecto is the best free neon sketch video editor and scribbles glowing effect movie maker for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook! You can also play with your animated graphic in this cool app.

Neon Video Effect

Add an eye-catching neon effect to your clip with the help of this video maker. Add various animated styles: balloon, bell, and so on in order to create a customized glowing line that will bring life into any project you’re working on! Choose from different categories like a music style or Christmas theme for maximum impact when it’s time to show off those skills at work.

Artistic VFX Filters & Effects

Amazing, creative filters provided by the Veffecto studio out there! You can get anything from classic VHS effects to retro neon goodies. There’s also trendy video effect such as Neon Effect for making your videos popular on Flipaclip – just like me đŸ˜€ And don’t forget about our free Neon Video Editor with glowing stickers and more stunning options that make it really easy to create a pop culture masterpiece without any help at all.

Various Music

To make your video stand out, Veffecto offers a large selection of free music and sound effects. You can choose which track will best fit into the mood of what you are trying to achieve!

Speed Adjusting

Create your own unique blotter media movie with the speed up and slow down features. Create funny videos by speeding up footage or slowing it right down for those special moments in life you want to remember forever!

HD Export

Export your video/movie in 480p, 720p and Full HD 1080p. The coolest sketch video editor Veffecto with numerous high-quality neon stickers and glowing line effects!

Download Veffecto Video Effects Editor (66.7 MB):
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