PowerDirector Ultra is a minimal expense video editorial manager which is very simple to utilize. Despite the low value, it is a decent option for individuals who are not familiar with video altering yet, in light of the fact that the expectation to learn and adapt is a lot lower than the expert bundles like Adobe Premiere or FinalCut Pro. In this article, I share my discoveries utilizing the product.

Out of the container, the product has a lot of highlights onboard which assists you with making recordings utilizing a blend of video film and pictures. It is additionally conceivable to make a video simply utilizing pictures and sound. Since there are many change impacts, you can deliver a drawing in video with PowerPoint screen captures, for instance. Progress is an energized impact in the middle of 2 pictures or video clasps to streamline the progressions which in any case would be very unexpected.

To test the ease of use of PowerDirector, I began to utilize the Full Feature Editor immediately, without survey any assistance documents or video instructional exercises. It was shockingly simple to utilize, despite the fact that I made a blunder to a great extent. In this manner, my model video is somewhat harsh, yet in the event that gives an impression what you can do several pictures and a short video cut. This model is saved as an HD video of 1280×720 pixels, MP4 with a variable bitrate of 3000Kbs. The video is iPad viable, which isn’t generally clear since iPad requires certain encoding settings which are not met by all video editors:

Video yield by PowerDirector

Above I joined a video with static pictures and added advances, impacts, captions, and a sound document. Albeit this is a harsh model, I think you get the thought. This is acceptable programming for business visionaries and educators who need to make minimal expense video instructional exercises. It is additionally helpful to video devotees who would prefer not to spend more than $700 or more on proficient video editors. It just required around 15 minutes to deliver this example. To give you a vibe on how this video editorial manager functions, see the short instructional exercise of Cyberlink, the creators of PowerDirector:

Establishment of PowerDirector

Introducing the product takes a long time. This is definitely not a little application (over 3GB altogether), despite the low sticker price of $74.99 USD during this season of composing. PowerDirector Ultra inquires as to whether you need to introduce QuickTime. QuickTime is a video player from Apple. You might need to drop the QuickTime establishment in the event that you have a later form or the Proform. Dropping the QuickTime establishment doesn’t sever the establishment of PowerDirector.

Then, at that point, you are approached to introduce SmartSound. Snap Yes, since it is a fundamental piece of the product. Something irritating after establishment is that the product requests that multiple times set a treat on my PC. I view this as an attack of my protection and it fills no need to me. Denying treats doesn’t impact the utilization of the application, so I block those threats.

Utilizing the product interestingly

The first run-through, PowerDirector opens helpfully a demo project with pictures and an HD video. Surprisingly this video is in WMV design, which isn’t the most ideal decision since that organization isn’t broadly upheld, surely not on the web. Nonetheless, it’s anything but a major issue, simply know that you don’t utilize this arrangement as your last creation on the off chance that you intend to distribute your recordings on the web.

PowerDirector Ultra 12 Media content board

At the point when you import a video, you are approached to empower shadow documents. On the off chance that you have very little torque on your PC, this is suggested. For testing, I utilize an HP Pavilion Entertainment (PC) with an AMD Turion II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M620 2.50GHz processor, 4GB smash, 64bit Windows 7.

Thus, I turn it on. It gives slight bends in the review window, yet this setting has no effect on the finished result. You can set this per project on the off chance that you need it.

The preview window shows the video continuously without stammering. I like this especially in light of the fact that with Adobe AfterEffects, this isn’t the situation. You can just deliver a piece of the video to hear the sound and the nature of playback is a lot lower than PowerDirector Ultra.

On the first occasion when I attempted to create a video, the product slammed. This was my flaw since I had Photoshop open, which holds part of the RAM and I just have 4GB. ?

In the wake of shutting any remaining applications, I had no further issues at all. On broad, it is ideal to stop any remaining applications when you utilize a video editorial manager since they need however much RAM as could reasonably be expected to deliver the video as fast as could really be expected.

PowerDirector Ultra 12 interface

As said before, utilizing the product is very instinctive. You can drag a thing from the Media Content board into the course of events (likewise with most video editors) and reposition its area on schedule, add pictures, sound, and so on

On the left-hand sheet, there is a bunch of symbols for the different impacts and changes. The Effect room contains a progression of impacts which you can set on a picture or a video.

The Voice-over highlight

Voice-over implies adding a voice recording to your video. PowerDirector Ultra 12 makes it extremely simple to add voice-overs. This implies that you don’t have to stop the application and utilize another programming. At the point when I make video instructional exercises, I by and large don’t record my voice while I make screen catches (Camtasia for windows, ScreenFlow for Mac), with the goal that I can focus on the mouse developments, the request for occasions, and so on I record voice-overs a while later and import those sounds into Adobe AfterEffects. On the off chance that you work that way, you may discover this component precious.

The voice-over include is exceptionally simple to utilize. You just hit the account button (red light) and talk. At the point when you hit that button once more, it produces the sound and saves it in the Media content board, prepared to haul into your course of events.


With voice-overs, you may have to decrease the foundation clamor in the sound, except if the voice is recorded in a sound studio. It relies upon your account gear, obviously, however voice chronicles with headsets frequently contain static commotion.

At the point when you right snap on a sound in the timetable, you can alter the sound by choosing the sound manager introduced with the product. For this situation it is WaveEditor. Albeit this full circle usefulness is exceptionally helpful, the commotion decrease apparatus of WaveEditor can just deal with faint static clamor.

Subsequently, sometimes you need a superior commotion decrease apparatus, similar to Audacity. In any case, in the event that you have great hardware, the static commotion shouldn’t be really awful and WaveEditor can deal with it. Interestingly, after the change, the record is saved and consequently refreshed in your timetable.

Here is an article on the best way to lessen static commotion: How to decrease static in my sound. Also, here you discover an article on How to lessen natural sound in sounds.

Delivering the video

Delivering the video is very straightforward. You picked a preset and off you go. Practically speaking, you will need to make a custom preset for internet web-based MP4 on the grounds that the bitrate in the MP4 preset is excessively high for this reason (6000Kbps).

The encoding types for custom presets are somewhat restricted. For instance, on the off chance that I picked MP4, the base bitrate is 3000Kbps. In the event that you need your video to transfer over the web, this can be an issue in regions with more slow web associations, similar to Africa, portions of Asia, and Australia. Notwithstanding, there is a tradeoff here, the lower the bitrate, the lower the quality.

Thus, in the event that you are in a space with a lethargic web association, you might need to utilize a workaround by setting the quality as high as could be expected and afterward convert the video by means of HandBrake for streaming. However, by and large, a bitrate of 3000Kbps is worthy, in spite of the fact that I favor utilizing 1500-2000Kbps. A stammering video is seriously irritating than lower quality.

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