PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor

PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor

The prequel: Aesthetic Editor is a photo and video app with the most aesthetic filters. You can make your photos stand out by applying effects like Vintage, Indie Kid, Teal!

Aesthetic Filters & Effects

The PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor has launched a plethora of filters that are sure to get your social media game up. With VHS, dust, indie kid and more you can create unique content for any holiday such as Christmas or Halloween. Additionally the editing tools allow you to adjust effects however way they see fit in order to give them an individual look & feel.

Video Editor

Making your own, trendy videos
Add presets & effects to any video and become a director! Speed up or slow down the speed of the video. Also add filters like crop, trimming etc., for more stylistic edits. With rich collection of retro styles–20s-90’s you can create unique movies with fun effects that give life to all types of media content (like an interview).

Advanced Editing Toolkit

You can edit your photos in a fast and easy way that requires no skills or add-ons. Everything you want is just one tap away! The interface will be intuitive enough for anyone to use, and there are settings so you can make each filter as specific as you like – however many filters/tools the user wants. This tool gets updated every week with new features which give it an edge over other photo editing apps on the market today.”

Custom Giphy Text & Stickers

You can add text to any photo or video. You get unlimited creative freedom with a wide range of fonts and customizations. Add funny Giphy stickers for an even more engaging post!


Edit your photos with a collection of effects & filters while being creative without any boundaries. You have access to advanced editing tools and can pick from flexible subscription plans that suit you the most, which is why we offer special offers for new customers!

Download PREQUEL GOLD (176.7 MB):
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